Wood- Pros and Cons

March 30th, 2011

Nevertheless, along with the advantages of wood has its drawbacks. It burns, does not like water (wetted wood subjected to the action of fungi, bacteria, mold, etc., which makes abide by the rule: the tree should not get wet. To the requirements of snip on thermal resistance for the middle band (Ro = 3,2 m2 C / W) wall of logs of any diameter or beam without additional warming do not hold out. And most importantly – the walls of the timber exposed to natural humidity shrinkage strain, which is especially great in the first year after the construction of buildings. In anticipation of the end of the shrinkage ready box house should "stand up" half a year (sometimes more) that do not always like our customers and builders. Get rid of the long waiting allows the use of profiled bar and dried artificial means to a residual moisture. The advantages of "soft" technologies of drying chamber are evident: in the natural drying on the face of profiled bar cracks, as it could lead that adversely affect the aesthetic form of the house.

Dry shaped beam virtually no cracks and no leads. For the production of dry profiled bar used mainly pines and spruce. Use of solid, resin-impregnated wood core, makes the material more beneficial. Processed and dried using a special technology beams with precision, using high-quality woodworking tools, define size and a certain profile. The resulting one-piece Dry shaped beam has a landing head, spine, insulation grooves and smooth (finishing), the surface on both sides. As a result, dry profiled bar does not require fit and comes to the customer is fully ready for construction. Constructed from a dry wall profiled bar, do not require treatment. This allows us not to use in finishing impregnations, adhesives, coatings and chemical resins that makes the house more environmentally friendly and profitable from an economic point of view as compared to laminated veneer lumber.

In the manufacture of dry-profiled beams achieve high purity of the treated surface, so the wood becomes almost polished, which allows not to use additional materials for interior decoration wooden house, and therefore avoid extra costs. In contrast to the log, the walls of the house from the dry profiled bar even, that makes it easier to trim, furniture placement, use of wall cabinets. Currently, many prefer it to this material. "Price – quality" here optimally. Home from the dry profiled bar is very modern, they look great, well hold variations in temperature, which is very important for the regions of central Russia.


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