September 24th, 2013

Have you checked the meaning of your construct, not receiving validation on your assumption that not nice people can not physically be dear, and their experience has strengthened and has validated the new construct. The meanings are reviewed especially when they do not receive validation, and are strengthened and maintained when they are confirmed or validated in the experience. Shrek, happens something like Fiona, because it also part of the base that can not be loved by its appearance, ugly and horrible ogre, but appears when her love for Fiona appears emotions – the need for change. Not correctly interprets words that she hears from Fiona and flees, but later rethinks the situation on the basis of a conversation with donkey and returns to find his beloved. At first, you can see how it works as it is always used, i.e., to isolate themselves from the world, which can be interpreted as a resistance to change and a way of self-protection. However, and based on the message that conveys donkey, which means a new experience for him – be refused as he thought by Fiona – not reviewed their constructs once invalidated by the experience, producing the change. Any change is the reconstruction of a meaning, both if the change takes place at the behavioral level, cognitive or emotional. Lord Farquaad, in my opinion, do not feel at any time the need for change, so it is not produced in him no resignification, insisting on its current construction which leads him to be devoured by it symbolically, and in the film by the Dragon.

Therefore, in my view, this perspective would explain the functioning of the character but on the opposite side. Donkey, we could say that its role is more than an own reconstruction, therapist with Shrek and Fiona. In both there is a resistance to change because they prefer not to discard their nuclear buildings which are part of its identity and that acts as a protection for them. Donkey will help them in the process. This role can be seen in various scenes, when donkey discovers that Fiona It is Bewitched: you look like a little to an ogre, and Shrek, have many things in common you why not will say it to Shrek? tell the truth to Shrek (Donkey) do Shrek? (Fiona).

Here Fiona begins to realize that perhaps his mental construction is not adequate. It is not clear, but something is starting to change. With respect to Shrek, also begins to rethink its construction after a conversation with donkey and in the next scene:…shut up and listen…If really you try so bad why have you returned? you’re equal again than with Fiona and she only did quererte (Donkey) and after discussion of disqualifications many, Shrek just to apologize to your friend and ask him intrigued and interested…Hey hummmm, what was that Fiona told you of my (Shrek).? Donkey, therefore, takes with them a therapeutic position as occurs in this type of therapies, from expert to expert, in which Shrek and Fiona are possessors of their own meanings and donkey, although it is not this kind of tools specialist symbolically would act as such and helps them in self-examination. As they pointed Neimeyer and Fexias (1997), they jointly enter search characterized by collaboration and respect in pursuit of a revision of the system of personal meanings. Vertices psychologists Cabinet of Madrid: C / Caleruega, 88 Cabinet of Las Rozas de Madrid: Ave.


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