World Population Threatens The New Epidemic Of The Influenza Virus …

March 9th, 2011

In a world of rapidly spreading outbreak of a new influenza virus. Russia has presented its new Washington Climate Doctrine. In charge of ecology in the government of Russia will be a new department. Energy Saving lamps are hazardous to health. Antarctic glaciers began to fall apart into pieces. Scientists urged to completely abandon fossil fuels. Global warming may change cooling. Memorable dates of the week: Day Chemical Safety and Remembrance Day conflicts with the use of chemical weapons. Photofact: Secret inhabitants of the deep sea. Overview of events for the week of 27/04/2009 to 03/05/2009. In a world of rapidly spreading outbreak of a new influenza virus of swine influenza outbreak which was recorded in North America, is spreading rapidly around the world. In Mexico, officially confirmed that the virus H1N1, or swine flu has killed more than 160 people.

In the spread of the virus in Mexico taken unprecedented measures: closed schools, canceled events, closed a number of theaters, museums and exhibitions. Cases or suspected that the virus is also available in the U.S. Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Spain and France. Experts note that the swine could mutate and become even more dangerous. Currently, as noted by the who, people have no immunity to the type of virus that now spreading rapidly across North America and is threatening pandemic worldwide. On the basis of epidemiological evidence of sustained transmission from person to person, at least two countries in one region, who has decided to increase the phase of readiness for the fight against swine flu from fourth to fifth.


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