Wiretapping Cell Phone

October 27th, 2011

Offers a program for listening to cell phones Spyder-pc. After downloading the file, follow the installation wizard. At this point, if your computer is installed Spyder-pc v. 1. 0. 2. Installed all the modules for except for the executable file – Spyder-pc.

exe why run the program until the impossible. To be able to use the program you need to pay for it. Spyder-pc.exe 2500rub cost of the program. or $ 110. You can pay for the program in any town, using your preferred method of payment via the payment system. WebMoney Ruble – payment button on the site. WebMoney Dollaroay – payment button on the site. After payment programs Spyder-pc v.

1. 0. 2. need to send a message to the e-mail: spyder.pc @ gmail.com Please indicate in the 'theme message ': Translation Spyder-pc, and the text messages: the date, time and method of payment that you used. (with your account number) After checking the flow of money within 24 hours (maksimum!), you will receive an executable file (module Spyder-pc.exe), instructions for further installation and registration process on your system. WARNING! Author of this program is not responsible for the actions of the end user, using Program Spyder-pc v. 1. 0. 2. Please! For all sorts of freeloaders and hackers grief, as well as amateurs just like to chat. Do not waste your precious time on various issues and proposals, such as: '… What is cellular?', '… Send * exe, then zaplochu $ 1,000 !…' '… In our town there is WebMoney!' … Konstantin Polyakov. e-mail: Best program to spy on the phone. Unique features spyder-Pc. The program was a spy. Best of its kind.

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