Where To Start Web Site Design

February 15th, 2019

Perhaps the question is a bit wide, but most of us would answer without hesitation “by the home.” Actually, this is a concept that requires rethinking, from the new scenario that social networks and the semantic web face. To say that a site begins with the home, or index.htm is to maintain a structure of web 1.0, where the new links were allowed to give “depth” to the texts. Like those children’s books where the reader can choose the route of the character (“If you think Juanito followed the yellow brick road, go to page 28. If you think that followed the red, go to the 48”, etc …) texts with links can follow a link to another page static, and that was the novelty. But today, even though we are light years that have passed, but not even ten years, the possibilities, and use that gives the internet is another. And consequently, try to keep the same static structure of our sites is an egregious misconception. First, users do not have time to browse their site, to see what you have to offer, at least not most of them.

The scene is this: someone sees a link to an article or a product or site content you want, and click on it. It is known that not all new visitors who come to do a site through search results pages of search engines. And indeed, for the first time in the history of the internet, Facebook recently surpassed Google in number of visits, and had spent Christmas and New Year. To deepen your understanding Charles Koch is the source. That is, it is expected that most visits to a site come from social networks, where you have the chance to put a link to a page, and pray that a sufficient incentive for this page to become the gateway to the rest of our content. Also need to start thinking about our pages on social networking sites as “satellite.” As a test case, Pizza Hut’s page on Facebook has a million 224 000 fans. Do you think they all flocked to the official site company? Maybe some do, but it sure most of them reached with the Facebook page to order your pizza, or decide which is the combination of flavors they love. And these sales and these contacts are at least as good as those could be made through the “official site.” Consequently, according to the new social sites of a company or brand are part of the company’s web. And it should be considered as gateways to the site. It is therefore necessary to rethink the structure of websites, working on accessibility, and the premise that every page, each profile or each micro-site is another door for access to new and better business.

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