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March 30th, 2011

Mobile marketing is the future, plain and simple. Current trends are reflected not only in numbers but in the general attitude of consumers. The new technological proposals favoring increasingly personal use of the Internet, to develop new products and platforms that work horse of the new 3G and 4G networks. That is, with increasingly powerful mobile phones, and new software developments that encourage online applications, the equation is simple. Furthermore, we not only have an increasingly mobile internet fast, but increasingly cheap. Today we look with wonder when any of our pulls out a cell known that is not connected to the Internet. "How do you live?" Almost wonder. The reasons for which a number of quarters registered a sustained growth in mobile marketing efforts, it is because it presents several advantages with respect to marketing, "traditional" in principle, the possibility of extreme segmentation of the target.

The ability to customize the contents of mobile marketing are a great attraction that will result in high rates of return on investment and, crucially, improved product sales figures. A clear example of "emerging" successful mobile marketing campaigns is carried out in Spain with the Peugeot 3008, the middle of this year. With the slogan "There's no better advertisement for a car that the car itself, the campaign focused on the dissemination of the catalog and technical characteristics of the vehicle through wap support. To do this, it launched a site in this format to be viewed solely through the mobile. The move is great.

When we took the cell phone and started playing with him? When we're bored, when you have to wait before going to the dentist, while traveling by train, etc. Precisely the time when the consumer is more susceptible to advertising messages: when not imposed by the content but actively seeks it. It's time to bring the marketing moving one step beyond the traditional charge calls to participate in a sweepstakes or promotion. It is the ideal time for the creatives and programmers do their best to make interactive content, attractive and seductive. Mobile marketing move in the world in 2010, a figure close to 5.846 million euros. Spain, who has only 4% of the global total amount spent in this area, provides an investment for next year close to 105 million euros. These are figures released by the Annual Report of the Digital Content in Spain during 2009. The same was prepared by the National Observatory for Telecommunication and Information Society (ONTSI) of the Secretariat of State of Government of Spain. The trend is checked, and everything suggests that growth will remain stable. A smart idea is to allocate a portion of what you plan to invest in online advertising to mobile marketing. Maybe at first, the results are not to become euphoric, but we are making a mark that will pay off generously in times to come. If you liked this post and wants to put in place, you can smoothly, provided you cite as a source

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