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April 15th, 2014

That no one can in the ERP area to my knowledge besides us. We have lost many customers if we had approved quarries. Continuity is our strength.” Continuous improvement means free upgrades since 1990 provides the ABAS Software AG for annual upgrades always the latest developments available to the customers. “This upgradeability is something special in the ERP market. Our first customers are today a contemporary State, without that they needed to migrate their data ever.” Even the versions offer effective improvements, even large technology steps, which raises the software in the next generation of technology hidden behind the upgrades.

So numerous as were the progress in information technology, and the developments in the abas business software were so numerous. What steps were of particular relevance? The following call Walser, the developments distinctive for it. 1993: first multilingual version of the abas business software, 2003: Unicode “a lot experience from the first overseas installation in France from 1987 is incorporated into the first multi-lingual version. At that time, the abas font with 8 bits was introduced due to lack of common standards so that all Western European characters could be encoded. In addition, all texts from the source in abas dictionaries were transferred. in 2003 we made then the most important step with the early introduction of Unicode to the global software. It cost work correctly.

For the encoding of the world’s characters, we had to expand our character set. We needed characters that went over 8-bit addition, and were for our program code completely on its head,”Walser explains the necessary changes. 1994: event-driven interface programming about the advantages of the abas’s own event controlled interface programming (EFOP) reports Walser: “with their introduction, we have the flexibility of abas ERP still times drastically increases. User actions are used in masks and fields as an event trigger. These EFOPs have created more possibilities, to make customization for customers that endure even after an upgrade.” 1995: the first installation under Linux against the General Windowstrend mid-nineties the abas developers very early recognized the advantages of the free operating system Linux and made available to their customers.

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