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May 10th, 2014

‘Be quiet!’ Quiet more reach – the silence is offline and online not in the sales Advisor. The silence is offline and online not in the sales Advisor. Hard selling, online marketing and networking dominating the Advisor market such as burgers and shop. Fast much and loud. The silence. The philosopher Blaise Pascal wrote, that the whole misfortune of people only hence, that they do not stay in one capable of.” It was 350 years ago. Long before Outlook.

In the 1970s, Michael Foucoult lamented the loss of the Schweigekultur”, the constant chatter of television would allow all self regulatory skills go to waste. Long before the iPhone. Still no one has calculated how much productivity with these new noise in his jacket pocket and desk lost. Probably because all believe that the modern media make more efficient the work in sales. Much chatter as a success principle? Alexander Mitscherlich saw the people 1950 as hibbeliges elementary particle, a momentary drive being.” Alexis de Tocqueville marveled 120 years earlier, in 1832 on his trip to America, all the people who restlessly rotate in circles to create small and ordinary pleasures, that fill her mind.” A broker supervisor today his 50 emails a day, of which about half pretty superfluous. A number callbacks on the mailbox.

He is a victim and perpetrator. Sent his mails and making his calls. He should act quickly and he wants the others to act quickly. Speed as a success principle? Warren Buffett or Sir John Templeton act allegedly his entire life without a computer. Because they are too old for modern technology, or because their employees do most of the work? Maybe, maybe not. How much noise should be and how much silence? The silence as a success principle. Yes, it is on the rise. Monastery stays, silent floor are posted more frequently. At airports and train stations, spaces of silence are”built. Five-star hotels offer rooms without television, radio and Internet. Air Berlin promotes the mobile free flight. How can you achieve more quietly now? It’s simple. Regularly “make your strategic breaks. Are looking for a quiet and pleasant place. Stay there for half an hour and think about one thing. Who is currently my main helper? The initiation is the most rewarding? What was my biggest sales success in the first half of the year and I made him why? For one thing, a half-hour is incidentally not without. If you wander off, let it. So you keep coming back to your concern, a simple trick will help. Write the question quite large on a sheet of paper and put it before him. Who wants to engage in the art of silence, here a very fine address.

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