Text Effects In Photoshop

January 2nd, 2014

On the Web so at least half of all the graphic files – it's all sorts of labels, captions, headlines, text, logos and similar font of the composition. They carry information, create a mood, attract consumers' attention to an absolutely trivial things. And in all cases where you need to make the text look any way unusual, Web-designers have to resort to the chart. There are lots of graphics programs, that allow you to work wonders with text and images. Photoshop is one of many such programs, but very often it is only in those cases where you need to create a collage of several mnogopikselnyh images and text. Text Effects in Photoshop is very popular topic, no less popular than, for example, processing or photo collage.

In Photoshop this is a lot of methods and techniques, you can achieve stunning effects by only one layer styles. A classic example of a text effect – gold text. This effect is often used in WEB-design, and it's a way to emphasize the solidity, solvency of the company and a means to demonstrate the banal bad taste, desire to show off. A golden glow from the text and glitter – it's always a holiday. What is the meaning of the gold? It represents the sun, enlightenment, wisdom. Carries the notion of greatness, excellence, wealth. In Chinese alchemy gold – is the essence of heaven.

In Christianity, on the one hand – it's pure light, nonsusceptibility corruption (even submerged in mud, it retains its purity), on the other hand, it is – and the secular idolatry wealth. The Egyptians gold – this is the flesh of the gods in the Hindu – the light, the immortality of the gods. In Photoshop there are many special ready-made styles, which make it easy to create a text of gold. It is possible and very easy to create this effect. You do not need to be professional enough to be able to work with layers and gradients. Gold text is always significant in itself and does not require a variegated colorful background. Looks good on black. Work wonders in schedule and not be afraid to experiment with the text!

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