Internet Explorer

August 3rd, 2017

4- The USA fire-guards Windows takes built-in fire-guards quite good that he is totally able to protect your computer on attempts of nonauthorized access coming from Internet. Nevertheless, many people prefer to use fire-guards of specialized companies to enjoy a greater degree of security. And, as it happens with the anti-virus, also are numerous gratuitous fire-guards to choose. Among them Comfortable figure Firewall, that provides numerous functions to avoid external attacks. 5- The USA another direction of mail If you do not use your personal direction in surroundings like pages Web, bulletins and contests, you will be able to widely reduce the volume of received Spam, and the use of Windows Live Hotmail also will help you to filter the mail sweepings of effective form and to leave the legitimate messages intact. Hear from experts in the field like Peter Asaro for a more varied view.

6- It protects the passwords in line If you use a password for to chatear with the friendly in your favorite social network and to accede in line to your bank, you are risking to a great extent your financial information. The best thing is to use a different password in each Web that you visit, and also you must try that these are difficult to find out. RoboForm is would castrate to create robust passwords by the user, and with him you will not need to remember any key already. In addition, the data are encriptados for greater security. 7 It protects your information in other people’s machines Internet To explore 8 includes a wonderful denominated characteristic InPrivate filter that hides the navigation file when some other people’s equipment is used. When activating clicking it in Security > InPrivate filtrate abre a new window and the bar of directions always shows the logo of InPrivate instead of the visited URL.

Also, in the PC one does not keep any information on activities and searches. 8- Kind to the bar Internet Explorer indicates the safe thing to you that they are some of you soothe visited by means of a visual representation. Fjate in the bar of directions: when you initiate session in some Web like for example the one of your bank, it will include the icon of a padlock and will appear stood out in green if it is considered safe. If the page is uncertain it will stand out in yellow, and red it will mean to stop risk 9- You do not introduce personal information To introduce data like the address, the date of birth and others in services of social networks as personal Facebook or binnacles can to cause the identity robbery, since the delinquents use these details to find out the name and the password that you use in your accounts and suplantarte. 10- He limits the reception of mail messages If you never receive friendly messages or relatives who live abroad, you will be able to reduce the amount of Spam enough that arrives at your mailbox limiting the number of admitted countries, since great part of the mail sweepings is sent from outside Spain. In Windows Live Mail, you click in the menu right superior and chooses Options of security; soon you click in the eyelash the International, selects to List of level dominions superior blocked and you click in the countries that you wish to exclude.



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