Electrode Material

April 19th, 2012

Electrode coated with the main characteristic of krupnokapelny gerenos metal in a wide range of welding conditions because of the high surface tension of the metal at the boundary with the slag, since both the slag and metal raskisleny well. At a low voltage (short arc) metal transfer can be done by a short circuit as the free growth of droplets is difficult. At the time of a short circuit, the metal flows from the electrode tip in the bath. With the lengthening of the arc weight borne droplets increases as the conditions for the free growth of the drop at the end of the electrode. For welding electrodes with acid and Rutile is characterized melkokapelny transfer.

Small droplet size due to the relatively low interfacial tension at the metal with the slag, since both the slag and metal contain significant amounts of oxygen. The droplet size at the same time depends the current strength. At low current densities the metal carries a relatively large drops. With the increase of current density carried by the mass drops sharply reduced, as the time of interaction with the surrounding drops medium (slag, gas phase). This contributes to a higher temperature drops and the relatively low interfacial tension at the metal from the slag. Changing the arc voltage in the range is not practically significant reflected in the transfer of metal from the electrodes with rutile and a sour finish.

When the thickness of coating the electrodes with a sour and rutile observed to increase the oxygen content in the droplets and a decrease in their sizes. Decrease in droplet size also contribute to the aerodynamic forces. In Basic electrode oxygen content drops with increasing the coating thickness is reduced, thus increasing the size of drops. Thus, the thickness of the coating on the electrodes and their composition depends mainly oxygen content in the droplets, which also has a decisive influence on the surface tension forces holding the droplet on the end electrode.



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