Costa Rican Caribbean

June 24th, 2013

The story also is present largely in Guanacaste since several of the historic events of great significance for Costa Rica, and even for the rest of Central America, Guanacaste territory have had as headquarters. Puntarenas. It is the province of larger size of Costa Rica. So much so, that the southern part of the peninsula of Nicoya (to the North of the country) and the whole of the Osa peninsula (southern Costa Rica), are within the limits of Puntarenas. The first sites are as Montezuma, a beach of great beauty, which even have small waterfalls which fall directly into the sea. Osa is located in national park of Corcovado, even many, the last natural frontier of Costa Rica. Many more attractions await visitors.

The city of Puntarenas, capital of the province, is known as the Pearl of the Pacific. Pier where cruise ships, El Paseo of tourists, the Marine Park arrive and the estero, are some of the sites that invite the tourist to know Puntarenas. It was in this port makes nearly two centuries, where first went to Europe a shipment of coffee, which today is one of our main export products. The forests of Monteverde, beaches such as Manuel Antonio, on the Central Pacific coast and Zancudo, in the southern Gulf in the province, the Sierpe River and the isla del Cano (where arrive to give birth humpback whales of the North and South of the planet, almost all the months of the year) and the Cocos Island, are some of the treasures of Puntarenasthey await to be discovered by the visitor. Lemon. Thanks to this province (covering the whole of the Atlantic coast of the country from North to South), our country has its name.

In his fourth and last voyage to America in October 1502, Cristobal Colon, passing in front of the Costa Rican Caribbean coast, was amazed with the beauty of the Atlantic coast, and said that what was visible was a Costa Rica. Lemon, with its afro-Caribbean culture, the visitor offers an environment different from that found in you rest of the country, with its taste of reggae, calypso and soca. In the Costa Rican Caribbean region, the magic of the rainforest is present. Both in the North as well as in you South of the province, large tracts of Tropical rainforest, offer the visitor a special atmosphere, that allows to admire their beauty, whether it is at the height of the treetops in the cable car of the Tropical rain forest, the canals of Tortuguero travel or is in some of the beaches in the South of the provincewhere the coral reefs are also within reach of tourists. Roberto a. Mendez T. original author and source of the article

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