Industrial Medicine

January 6th, 2018

– The longer the waste and waste water are in the tank, the higher the degree of utilization of body fat and waste water, so when a sufficient amount of accumulating capacity, you can reduce waste disposal to a minimum. Some contend that Pete Cashmore shows great expertise in this. – significantly reduced odors as as a result of intense microbial activity is suppressed by putrefactive processes, and with them disappear, and unpleasant odors. Biopreparat Mikrozim Griese Treat recommended by the Institute of Industrial Medicine and Medical Sciences Service of the Russian Federation as an effective means of pre-biological treatment of grease before they are discharged into urban sewage treatment plant. The level of wastewater water in the sewage plant is similar to that shown in the diagram (Fig. 1), where applicable biodestructors fat Mikrozim Griese Treat, by 60-80% (depending on the residence time flow) is higher than that of mechanical grease traps. In this case, sewer not just by 70-90% purified water from oil – and water saturation of the active bacteria, of which the surfaces of sewer pipes and joints formed by a living bio-film, corrupting existing fatty tumors and prevent the formation of new fat accumulations in the long term.

When the equipment accumulates system capacity utilization rate of aeration of fat mass and purification of water increases by 3-4 times. Biological product destructor fat Mikrozim Griese Threet has established itself as an effective means of disposal of waste grease and biological treatment of wastewater from food industries. Consumption the drug is on average 500 grams per month for 1m3 daily consumption flows. Biological product is active at temperatures ranging from plus 5 to plus 45 C, the optimum temperature of +15 to + 35 degrees Celsius, brings negative temperature in the "dormant" and resumes activity with warming. The drug is harmless to humans, animals and plants does not produce acid or alkaline environment, nekorroziven, fully biodegradable, safe for treatment plants and sewerage systems, verification by a class 5 of hazardous substances.


Features Wooden Eurowindows

January 4th, 2018

The best building material since ancient times to the present day is a tree. Can not imagine what could replace the natural material. Unlike metals and polymers tree has a sufficiently significant advantages: high strength at low volume weight, excellent thermal protection, good sound insulation, high frost resistance, environmental friendliness, maintainability and elegance of natural material. Of particular importance is the durability of wood, high demands are made to the tolerances of the slope of the fibers, cracks, knots, insect damage. If you would like to know more about Robotics expert , then click here. Thus, for the manufacture of windows used coniferous pine and larch with minimum bulk density 0.35 g/cm3, and a traditional hardwood is oak with a minimum of bulk density of 0.45 g/cm3 for the production of wooden eurowindows often prefer pine from northern regions. This is due to the fact that it has a density of wood and a half times higher than normal pine. Pine from the northern regions has strength and resistance to fungal and putrefactive lesions, the feature is small number of branches. Larch is characterized by a particular strength, good color and structure.

Through a combination of high density and resinous, she is the leader in its resistance to decay, and almost not subject to insect damage. Oak – a well-known valuable breed, with a solid, high strength and resistant to rotting wood. Given the range of shades of oak wood from light brown to greenish-brown color luxury wooden euro-windows can be chosen at will. Currently, wooden euro-windows are manufactured to high-quality equipment and using new technologies. This allows you to create the appearance of windows of any style, to receive any color of window units, give them a variety of forms, from the traditional rectangular shape to complex arch structures. Wooden euro-windows, thanks to the technology applied, leading to exceptional performance durability , sound proofing, air – moisture resistance and fire safety. Especially the benefits of wooden windows will appreciate the hostess – they do not need to seal and continuously repainted, they are easy to clean and easy to open in any weather, always providing an apartment with fresh air.


Wood- Pros and Cons

March 30th, 2011

Nevertheless, along with the advantages of wood has its drawbacks. It burns, does not like water (wetted wood subjected to the action of fungi, bacteria, mold, etc., which makes abide by the rule: the tree should not get wet. To the requirements of snip on thermal resistance for the middle band (Ro = 3,2 m2 C / W) wall of logs of any diameter or beam without additional warming do not hold out. And most importantly – the walls of the timber exposed to natural humidity shrinkage strain, which is especially great in the first year after the construction of buildings. In anticipation of the end of the shrinkage ready box house should "stand up" half a year (sometimes more) that do not always like our customers and builders. Get rid of the long waiting allows the use of profiled bar and dried artificial means to a residual moisture. The advantages of "soft" technologies of drying chamber are evident: in the natural drying on the face of profiled bar cracks, as it could lead that adversely affect the aesthetic form of the house.

Dry shaped beam virtually no cracks and no leads. For the production of dry profiled bar used mainly pines and spruce. Use of solid, resin-impregnated wood core, makes the material more beneficial. Processed and dried using a special technology beams with precision, using high-quality woodworking tools, define size and a certain profile. The resulting one-piece Dry shaped beam has a landing head, spine, insulation grooves and smooth (finishing), the surface on both sides. As a result, dry profiled bar does not require fit and comes to the customer is fully ready for construction. Constructed from a dry wall profiled bar, do not require treatment. This allows us not to use in finishing impregnations, adhesives, coatings and chemical resins that makes the house more environmentally friendly and profitable from an economic point of view as compared to laminated veneer lumber.

In the manufacture of dry-profiled beams achieve high purity of the treated surface, so the wood becomes almost polished, which allows not to use additional materials for interior decoration wooden house, and therefore avoid extra costs. In contrast to the log, the walls of the house from the dry profiled bar even, that makes it easier to trim, furniture placement, use of wall cabinets. Currently, many prefer it to this material. "Price – quality" here optimally. Home from the dry profiled bar is very modern, they look great, well hold variations in temperature, which is very important for the regions of central Russia.



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