December 6th, 2015

“Success has many who claim to be his father but the failure is completely orphaned.” John Kennedy considerations, scope, impact many complaints are sometimes the managers of both small and medium enterprises, why not achieve their goals, regardless of who believe that their plans are tailored to the requirements of this, and also that have a positive identification of use in addition to their resources, however, the results will show that there are still large gaps and sometimes lack of modern knowledge management a few issues that have not been taken into account, as the case of Benchmarking which provides significant information which is considered all the achievements, successes, successful companies have in their performance in the markets we enter.

There are many questions that both the professionals who choose to graduate as Master of companies such as Quality Management and Productivity, as well as many companies as a consultant and exercise consultant, how to optimize the contributions that generates benchmarking and its scope and impact. Precisely because of these concerns and to promote the importance of benchmarking, this article was written, hoping that some form of answers to your current role will try to be as simple in its development and for this recall, which was initiated by early 80s, when managers of companies, especially Xerox, began looking at the business from a systemic point of view, namely as a series of activities and transactions that are primarily intended customer satisfaction, through processes that measurement and comparison can be improved constantly. .



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