Body Batteries

October 4th, 2018

The unloaded batteries of moving body can leave us in a difficult situation, but a new investigation affirms that you could spend months without loading moving body batteries. The telephones that work using lighter, thinner batteries of moving body soon could be the truth. An electrical and computer science engineering equipment in a university of Illinois could have solved the problem of the moving body batteries and its loads, by means of the use of ” nanotubos” – carbon tubes 10,000 times smaller than a human hair. The scientists have replaced the metal cable in the batteries of moving body with the nanotubos and those changes that did could prolong the lives of the moving body batteries up to 100 times. All the people who are fed up to constantly use a great amount of shippers and the things to connect all the nights their apparatuses, now can want a cellular telephone or portable computer with batteries of moving body or batteries of portable that can last weeks or months.

group thinks that its last study is only the beginning to improve the life of the moving body batteries, and not only batteries of moving body but also of other apparatuses. The group affirms that smartphone uses around 1 W of energy of the moving body batteries and a laptop is executed in more of 25W. Part of that energy goes to the screen, but an increasing percentage is dedicated to the memory. This group says that the discovery could be used for the reduction of weight in the movable devices. Mikkel Svane insists that this is the case. To reduce the weight of the moving body batteries would reduce the weight of the moving body.

But the investigators did not only speak to lighten pockets or portfolios but also this were important for everything what must work with a battery. The equipment has made and proven several hundreds of bits and now it is looking for the way to increase the production to create matrices of memory bits that work together. The investigation of the group mentioned someday could mean a device like iPhone with the life of moving body batteries that could run by the harvesting of thermal energy or even pave instead of to depend on a battery. The investigation also could be an innovation for much more great devices that the movable telephones or laptops and with the batteries that demand the more capacity that the moving body batteries. This also is important not only for movable telephones but also for the satellites, equipment of telecommunications in remote places, or any number of scientific applications and military. So the technology could give the life much more releases to the batteries of moving body between loads. But although they have taken a technology and they have demonstrated that the life of batteries of moving bodies can can be improved by a factor of 100, still have not arrived at which is physically possible. Not even the limits have tried on still.

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Photovoltaic Systems

March 1st, 2016

Photovoltaic systems also assist a fire under current fire can not normally delete Schramberg more and more buildings are equipped with photovoltaic systems. For a lucrative business that the State supports financially strong is to produce solar power. But the plants pose a threat: In case of fire, the fire can not as usual delete. Because the plants continue to produce electricity and who comes with a module into contact, risk of a fatal electric shock. Also the Tubingen has already dealt with this current issue fire.

The safety of our volunteers has always priority”, underlines Valley City Commandant Annette Melvin. You will of course continue to try to also delete a burning building if a photovoltaic system on the roof is assembled as soon as possible. ibute to your knowledge. But we must proceed carefully and can the roof skin not as otherwise open.” In a fire the volunteers try so far about the ladder by to get up to the fire. This usually the roof tiles be removed, including specifically to combat fire position. So, you can direct the Jet directly on the fire. If a PV system located on the roof, this is not possible.

Then we need to keep a safety distance of about ten meters to the building and can fight only from this distance the flame”, underlines the Commandant. Then nothing should happen normally.” Although not so specifically can be deleted, but a cooling achieved by the water. Annette Melvin knows about attempting to cover the modules with foam and to prevent the generation of electricity. These are out beaten, however, not sticks on the smooth surface of the foam. A photovoltaic system is so constantly under stress and with up to 1000 Volts. When a fireman thus comes into contact, he can die of an electric shock. Therefore, some firefighters call already, that to protect of their workers the DC voltage is limited to maximum of 120 volts.

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