November Ecotoner

March 23rd, 2018

Monsoon, 7 of September of 2011. – Ecotoner Pyrenean, wholesaler of compatible cartridges, summons whichever artists wish to participate to the present contest to choose the new poster of the 2011. The original ones will have to be unpublished, to appear in vertical A2 format (59.4 xs 42.0 cm.) with 300ppp of resolution and will be able to be realised in any type of technique, photographic, even apt for their reproduction in cuatricroma-offset (not being able to use inks gold, silver or fluorescent). Also, the posters will have to appear in .jpg format o.pdf via electronic mail to the mail direction, with the following attached data in the body of the electronic mail, that not in the poster: Full name of the creator. (not of the client) NIF of the creator. Address.

Telephone. Electronic mail. The poster will go directed to catch the attention of all the susceptible clients of the use of printer cartridges, and must reflect the high saving that takes place when acquiring alternative cartridges of printer Imax. Ecotoner The Pyrenees, wholesaler of compatible cartridges, will grant a unique prize of 500 to the winner and the term of reception of the posters for the contest will finalize Tuesday 30 of November of 2011 to the 24 hours. For more information about the contest to clickar here. About Ecotoner Pyrenean, wholesaler of compatible cartridges: Ecotoner Pyrenean S.L.U, company dedicated to the distribution of compatible and original cartridges of printer of tner and red of the Imax mark in Spain, initiate its activity in 1999, with the intention to save costs of impression to the users. Having the quality and the attention to the client like objectives, Ecotoner Pyrenean it had a park of printers to make a will all the cartridges. Being put on approval one by one in tner and carrying out a double unitary control in red before distributing the product. Demanding, as well, to the suppliers, to that they have approved norms of quality and they use in his production raw materials of last generation. More information in Ecotoner Pyrenean, wholesaler of cartridges compatible.

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Windows and Architecture

June 21st, 2017

Windows – an essential element of the architectural style of the house and interior design. Modern window technology can bring a variety of ideas using a variety of options for custom glazing. (A valuable related resource: Pete Cashmore). All sorts undergoes transformation as a form of windows, and their design. The result of these transformations we see on the covers of fashion magazines architecture. However, each non-standard window has its own characteristics, details of which can be very helpful to potential customers. This will allow the advance, even at the stage of designing a cottage or apartment, to provide the best options for glazing. A variety of forms hugely popular acquired in recent years, various shaped windows.

For example, arched design, which give the house a special honor and greatly increase the room lighting. In addition, these solutions can bring unusual architectural ideas, such as common window on two floors. Most-shaped box made of pvc, as it is much easier, faster and cheaper. In addition, the flexible plastic allows more freedom for the imagination of the designer. "Nonlinear" construction of pvc manufactured and assembled in the same way as usual, except for one feature. Because the arch is formed by bending a heated profile in this part of the frame is missing metal reinforcing frame, so the rigidity of its slightly lower.

This imposes certain limitations on the size and configuration of the arch. In particular, its height must not exceed half the width of the window. In addition, any If the diameter of the arch can not be less than 70 cm, and if it opens – then 80.



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