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February 18th, 2019

Many mobile phone users know the problem – you phone once a month a bit more and you get a bill, of which one has not even dared to dream. For other users it is often the short messages (also called SMS or Short Message Service) that drive the bill in an awkward height. Here, several operators are now offering more recently a solution – the so-called mobile flatrate. Further details can be found at Mikkel Svane, an internet resource. One must however, exactly the providers feel to the tooth – it is here that is often not a true flat rate. Usually, all calls are to landlines and other mobile phone networks in the flat rate charge.

But there are also stripped down flat rates describe themselves as such, but include – but only calls to the landline network of Deutsche Telekom. The SMS on the other hand, however, are left out completely with all providers – that is still here, you pay per piece. Premium services that are advertised on Viva happy and content such as ring tones without plan or logos are not advertise without a subscription also included. This makes it convenient for callers times many providers offer durchzuklingeln a landline number to the intrusion on your cell phone. However, only in a certain local area – for example, 5 km to the residence.

In itself, but certainly a useful feature. Then all that is left from the question of when a mobile flatrate worth it. Depending on the provider varies a bit – but at 250 minutes call time per month should be checked in any case, whether a mobile phone flat rate is not more favorable than the timing of this latest in the mobile tariff



June 14th, 2013

In every day numerous accidents in workplaces and facilities of work, and can these go from mere cuts and minor injuries to spinal cord or brain injury consideration, with the dangers that these could lead to the worker. It is not possible to deal with an accident at work in the same way that it would be if this had taken place in their own homes. To begin with, the company or company in which you work is legally responsible for assist you in case of accident at its facilities or performing any service for her. As set in the regulations, since thou art his worker, your health and safety are also his own thing. But precisely for this reason, you must always inform about any event or accident that could have happened to you or any of your companions. The information about the accident benefits to all parties in any case should feel fear when it comes to report possible incidents that might occur in your workplace. Among other things, with do this:-Wilt thou suffer that it will reflect what happened, thereby facilitating your claim in the event that the accident had taken place by not having the necessary safety measures in the workplace, by the inaction of your company. -Also, you posibilitaras your company to take appropriate measures so that such unpleasant events as this recurrence in the future, thus improving the safety of all workers.

It is likely that if your accident had character, medium or severe, away from you for several days of your job, your company must inform the authorities about the same, more reason to communicate with all detail the circumstances in which this occurred. This will facilitate your request for incapacity to work reporting on this event might facilitate your later application of permanent incapacity to work process, when because of the same you would have suffered serious physical damages of which sequels to permanent and incompatible with the conduct on your part is derived from remunerated activity. Conclusions in summary of what was said above, always should inform your superiors any injury consideration that you could suffer in your company, not only to facilitate your request for sick leave of temporary character, while extends your convalescence by it, but also face a: facilitating the collection of possible compensation from your company if the accident had happened at the lack of security in its facilities. The eventual application of employment permanent disability, if your injuries would have been considerable and would have given rise to permanent sequelae. Jose Alberto Andrio Espina original author and source of the article.

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