Banking Opportunities

January 26th, 2013

A trend among the largest over the past 20 years banking has followed a clear trend toward internationalization. This strategy has been starring leading banks in their countries of origin, which have focused its growth toward geographic diversification and internationalization strategy. The data speak for themselves: the 25 largest banks in the world employ 900,000 people and generated 36% of their revenue outside their domestic markets. Currently, most internationalized 9 banks have greater turnover outside their country of origin than in the own, unlike in just 15 years ago when it was only fulfilling Standard Chartered Bank. The main reasons that encourage these movements are as follows: leadership in domestic markets that grow a moderate seeking markets with higher growth rates possibility to accompany clients on its entry into markets internationalization less unbanked which allow you to apply proven strategies achieving of economies of scale and economies of scope risk diversification of returns, which has produced a positive effect for many entities during the current financial crisis, however, not all entities have managed to generate higher returns for their shareholders during its internationalization and some have even started movements of disinvestment and refocusing on their traditional markets. Related topics in, Blog

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