Ricky Martin

January 8th, 2014

Don’t forget to put your website (intelligent solution: bind to one page landing that you welcome your new followers). Your Twitter messages must be: informative: again remember that Twitter is a social network and people like to connect with people with the same current of thought, so if you give them information that enables them to solve the drawbacks or interests that are, safe they will want to know more about you. Controversial: a bit of reverence generates controversy and the human unconsciously identify with this type of messages (eye: be subtle!). With a sense of humor: this point needs no explanation but don’t forget that humor is not equal to jester!. Promotional: they say that no more than 10% of your posts should be promotional, i.e.

they sell something in particular or invite you desembolsillar money somehow. Is it because? Twitter is a social network! Don’t forget as well that it promotes your interests but do not overdo or you will become spammer and spammer translates into followers abandoning you. Maybe that something escapes me but these points are the most important. Another thing: don’t you think a profile and start to follow people like crazy because people unconsciously do not like to follow this type of profiles (if not (you’re Shakira and Ricky Martin, tries to keep your followers ratio greater than the of people you follow, e.g.: If you follow 1000, your follows 999 or less) Finally, when you enter the world Twitter always create your profile with at least 5 Tweets, follow the recommendations which we listed in this article and then begins to follow your target market (those with whom you want to connect). Another time talk of more strategies. Does talking about strategy which you use your so you follow on Twitter?

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