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February 3rd, 2019

In December 2010, advertising internet agency "Voleks" (St. See Zendesk for more details and insights. Petersburg) has received the status of Certified Partner Google. This status indicates that the RIA "Voleks" fully compliant with Google's organization of advertising campaigns in the Google AdWords. Google AdWords – a popular contextual advertising system, through which an advertiser can place ads on pages of search results for Google, as well as on partner sites, included in the ad network Google AdSense. Contextual advertising, thanks to its focus on increasing sales of goods or services, has become the most popular tool for advertisers of Internet advertising. The Google AdWords system allows advertisers reach a large part Runet users, accurately finding them among their target audience.

Advertising online agency "Voleks" for many years provided its customers with services of the organization advertising campaigns with Google AdWords. The number of advertisers, agencies, advertisers on Google, has continued to grow steadily, which is the best evidence of high returns on PPC advertising in Adwords. "Getting the status of Google Certified Partner evidence of yet another step taken RIA "Voleks" on ways to improve technology, improve service levels and increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns on Google AdWords for clients of the Agency "- The Director General commented on Internet advertising agency "Voleks" Alevtina Zakharovo. To try contextual advertising in Google AdWords and verify its effectiveness can even start with a small budget. And clients RIA "Voleks" ordering advertising with Google AdWords, can now get the first order is also a special bonus at the expense of his campaign.

Press Service of the RIA 'Voleks' Help About agency internet agency "Voleks" (St. Petersburg) in the market of Internet technologies since early 2002 and comprises two business units – studio and web agency online advertising. Currently, RIA "Voleks": Qualified "Yandex" Google Certified Partner AdWordsAkkreditovannoe agency of the "runner" Certified partner RU-CENTEROfitsialny representative "classmates" in the e-mail: Internet Advertising Agency "Voleks": St. Petersburg, ul. Marshal Govorov, 37, building 1 Web-studio "Voleks": office 417, tel: (812) 324-4956, tel / fax. (Eight hundred twelve) 252-6046 ICQ 190-608-343 Internet advertising agency 'Voleks': Office 414, 413, tel. (812) 252-4967, tel / fax. (Eight hundred twelve) 252-6046 ICQ 470-113-031

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