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March 31st, 2017

Salesforce.com leads the market with service cloud 2 and sales cloud 2 cloud computing continues in the customer service and sales by Salesforce.com leads the market with service cloud 2 and sales cloud 2 in Munich, November 19, 2009 salesforce.com on Dreamforce 2009, the world’s largest cloud computing event, announced how the powerhouses in the cloud computing Web-based solutions for Kundenservi-ce and sales (service cloud 2 and sales cloud 2). The solutions allow a complete overview of all contacts, and all communication with the customer via the customer service in real time. Also, an important argument for companies is that the applications intuitively are usable as consumer websites. \”The success is reflected in the latest Magic Quadrant by Gartner in the field sales force automation down: Salesforce.com was there as a leader\” classified. Sales cloud 2 recent innovations are the most useful innovations in the sales cloud 2’s Web-based sales solution: Salesforce for Twitter – Salesforce for Twitter allows sales and Marketing staff, entertainments, of funds on Twitter promoted to products and services to observe and to take advantage of new customer contacts. In addition, also marketing campaigns via Twitter can be realized with Salesforce for Twitter. -Real time quotes can automatically generate sales representative listings for customers using less mouse clicks with this function.

-Cloud Scheduler of the Scheduler of the cloud allows meetings from within the application with colleagues, customers and partners easily by drag & drop to organize. -Mobile content employees are traveling can access through the Salesforce CRM content library with your web-enabled mobile phone on all existing documents and forward them to customers or here. -New charting and Report Builder with the sales cloud 2 have an enormous range of graphical presentation explained the hand distribution and marketing. In addition you can navigate GRA-fik to child detailed representations one mouse click on individual parts.

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