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July 3rd, 2012

This metodolgico type of education is known as e-learning, that it integrates the auto-motivation, communication, efficiency and technology. The intrinsic isolation to e-learning demands that the pupils if communicate between itself and with the instructor more frequently they will carry through its tasks. E-learning is efficient because it eliminates the subsequent distances and displacements. The content of e-learning is projected with a media that can be had access of terminals of computer duly equipped, and other ways of Internet, that is, a very accessible technology. E-learning is a used flexible term to describe a form to teach through the technology. (Institute will be Interactive Technologies, 2006). The different types e-learning are based on: medias; agenda; e-learning as classroom structure; used technologies. Medias are the forms for which the individuals if communicate between itself and its instructor.

They are exclusively carried through through applications on-line. These elements of interaction web can transmit in two ways of video, audio. E-learning can be synchronous or asynchronous. Synchronous it means that the communication of real time is implemented, as the videoconferncia, teleconferncia and on-line chat programs. Asncrono indicates that other ways of communication they are used, that they do not demand answers in real time. Examples of e-learning asynchronous include: email, the list serve quarrels, blogs and fruns on-line. E-learning structure of classroom addresses as the instruction is managed.

E-learning can be individualizado, with instructor, or auto-study with a specialist. The education form offers to training with instructor of the pupil a guide to implement the instruction. The auto-examination with a connoisseur is a combination of auto-study and instructor. As in its proper rhythm, the pupil is responsible for remaining in the task and the programming, however, as in the instructor, he does not have interaction with an authority figure that verifies the progress of the pupils (E-Learning Concepts and Techniques, 2006). The used technology to implement the instruction is not limited to the substances of web-based. E-learning can be reached through the use of any form of technology that supports the information producing media. current technology favors the learning, because it has half more to transmit the information. The technology is the element most changeable in e-learning. The more advanced the technology if becomes, more options exists to promote e-learning. The connections dial-up; they had been substituted by modems of handle, with speed and greater width of band. Correlative, the quality of education on-line improved because the computers were capable to support the medias. As


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