Industrial Selfleveling Floors

April 12th, 2014

Application of self-leveling floor today, industrial floor fillers is the best solution for floors as in newly constructed buildings and in areas designated for reconstruction. Purpose of flood floors as they are sometimes called, the most diverse. Poured floors often can we meet at the industrial enterprises, shops, warehouses and on loading ramps. The only material that can be applied in freezers and coolers are also self-leveling industrial floors. Externally, the appearance of such floors of itself constitute a glossy, smooth surface is ideal smoothed power trowels for concrete floors. The natural colors of industrial floor is gray, but on request we can make the floor of almost any color that fits your interior or corporate color. The quality of material it will not change. Durability has self-leveling floors, manufactured by technology Betateh strength, along with price is the greatest virtue.

These floors are not made for years, and for decades. We can say with complete certainty, since in the manufacturing process meet all technological requirements for the application of the material. A more important factor in the long operation of industrial self-leveling floor is their maintainability. In the case of deep chips or cracks, we can make repairs after which the appearance of the floor practically does not change. Cost of the work and materials, this figure of course, is determined based on each object individually.

You can not get at us "average price per square meter, because this is totally contrary to the professional approach to implement this kind of work. On Each object has its own load, the application and the existing foundation. For each object is calculated mini project, selected the appropriate materials and technology of self-leveling floors. Most the right time for the selection of industrial concrete floors is a design stage, because only then will you be able to save considerable funds for other purposes. Of course it concerns newly constructed objects. For areas with existing old floor in our company has the technology self-leveling floors, which allows you to smooth out any irregularities and to achieve high strength for different degrees of load. Quality mark Our products are fully certified and approved for use even in the pharmaceutical and food companies. And as you know in these factories and warehouses have imposed strict requirements to all the materials used in the construction or repair. Betateh Turning to our company you will receive a readily understood advice regarding the application materials to reinforce the floor and ustroistva self-leveling floors. Our specialists will prepare for you all the possible technologies to fill the floors at your facility. If the object is not in our region we will be able to send you a manager for the pre-negotiation and inspection facility. Contact us and you'll get comprehensive consultation and will be able to choose the material best suited for your facility. Remember that commercial floor fillers will be able to solve any problemma associated with the choice of material for various objects.

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