Inadequate Commitment

May 31st, 2013

Afterwards, determines the production volume required to meet these sales. It is also believed the staff needed to maintain this volume. Demand for production or sales will have to consider some other factors: 1 .- The projected turnover (as a result of resignation or dismissal). 2 .- The quality and nature of their employees (in relation to what is considered as the changing needs of the organization).

3 .- The decisions to improve the quality of the products or services or enter new markets. 4 .- The technological and administrative changes that result in higher productivity. 5 .- The financial resources available to his department. Other factors to consider in human resource planning are: v The constant changes that make the organization requires highly qualified personnel, which enable the success of it. v The resources that the organization must have to survive the competitive environment, giving staff all the technical tools to do their work. v Inadequate Commitment by management where managers must be closely related to the system of human resource planning. You can correct an inadequate assessment of past planning by means of incentives and feedback, which is represented through multidimensional phenomenon, which should not reduce its assessment that result from the interplay of the different behaviors and different decisions that affect establishments on the effectiveness of that system of human resource planning An important theory today, which is inserted into the well-known subject area of individual differences, intelligence is the theory that from a psychological perspective – biological, Howard Gardner has developed and the other developed by Daniel Goleman, is that related to emotional intelligence, which the Oxford dictionary, any agitation, feelings are the parents of our thoughts and those of our actions.

Self-esteem is another theory or philosophy studied in these times of great change, where the main thing for the organization is that human resources feel part of the organization and identify with this, self-esteem is nothing more than the actual appreciation, assessment, evaluation, estimation of own individual personality that has the human resource of itself. T


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