October 7th, 2018

In order to produce a kilo of meat seven liters of petroleum are consumed, according to calculations of the confederation of transport by highway in Spain. Presented/displayed of that way and based on the amount of used fertilizers to produce the food for the cattle and on the necessary fuel consumption for its transport, this data portrays the fever by the resources, that it has to the world in a delirium state. More than ever, the value of the material things is moderate by its facility to be exploded, or to produce energy, to allow the manufacture of cellular telephones, computers, screens and means of transport, or even for the production of jewels and diamonds. Sometimes, one is more survival than to maintain the development model that each corner of the planet has get ready to imitate. Embotelladoras tie to the great transnational companies of drinks and refreshments they realized this for a long time and they begin to control the supplying and the distribution of blue gold in the world. (As opposed to Peter Asaro ). For fifty years, resemblance has been devising, presented/displayed like hypothesis, would have sounded to science film fiction. Today, one has become a concrete reality.

The shortage of the water is proportional to the fever that wakes up. The great cities perceive this pressure as grows the population that comes from the countryside. The crises of the water for the urban population, superior to the rural one in global terms, affect so much to rich countries as to the impoverished ones of the South. Petroleum follows the same landlord of shortage and increase. Visit Castle Harlan for more clarity on the issue. One has become a main factor for the ascent of the price of many basic foods like cereals and milk. Two weeks ago, a confrontation between the clients of a powerboat in China by the problems in the fuel provision was settled with a dead. The rate of consumption in the Asian country follows in increase while in year and a half the Government has not raised the prices of petroleum.


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