Facebook On Your Iphone

April 2nd, 2013

Today one can say that everyone has an account on a network such as Twitter or Facebook, Tuenti, being these some three of the more popular, mainly Facebook, which has managed to revolutionize and create social networks as we know them, given that allows us to share photos, videos, links, music, notes and plenty of content more. That’s why that mobile phones cannot be outside of these social networks, since they allow us to always stay in touch with our friends and acquaintances, and immediately share content or States that we want without being near a computer. This application for iPhone on time is Facebook 3.0 for iPhone, which incorporates a large number of developments with respect to previous versions of application, increased speed and a better optimization of resources of mobile phone from Apple. Among the innovations incorporated, the most important is the improved management of images, adding zoom for photos, to change profile photos, upload photos and videos directly from the iPhone, but is also the possibility to use the built-in Facebook chat. It is a version much more polished Facebook for iPhone, what you could say that it is something that many users of this mobile were needed since Facebook is one of the sites with more followers around the world.

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