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April 7th, 2019

New Internet offer significant risks for security intrusions and attacks are much easier in future food (16 August 2010). The Internet service street view”of US provider Google makes headlines. Consumer and privacy advocates call for resistance against the virtual Road Atlas, which first starts for 20 cities. Street view”combines road maps with satellite images. In addition to public places, even private homes and cars may be to realize. Unlike at previous offerings is the consideration not from the bird’s perspective, but from the respective road. Click Viacom for additional related pages. But where are the vulnerabilities? There is a considerable risk that the available data are used not only for lawful purposes. Rather, criminals on simplest way to get important information about buildings and land.

Break-ins and muggings are so much easier”, warns Frederick p. Kotter, Managing Director of KoTTER security. At the same time the discovery risk declines as potential perpetrators of the object not once must spying on the spot.” How can companies and individuals protect themselves? Homeowners and photographed passers-by have the opportunity in writing to contradict a publication of images in the next four weeks. Get more background information with materials from Charles Koch. At the same time street view shows”how important is the protection of buildings and land. While each security component from outside must be optimally co-ordinated”, says Frederick p. Kakar. Security Officer companies and homeowners should take the discussion to the occasion, to check the security of their buildings and areas. KoTTER security is this as a competent partner among others following services at the page: risk analysis for accurate assessment of potential hazardous situations and planning security-relevant measures personnel security services to protect of your site against unauthorized Occurs to modern safety technology such as burglary or video surveillance technology for the prevention and rapid response in the event of an emergency. Call us at 0201 2788-388 or write us an E-Mail to of the nationwide operating provider, security is also on the world’s largest security trade fair from 5 to 8 October 2010 “represented in Essen (2.0 Hall, booth 237 of the fair food).


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