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August 2nd, 2017

All these values are key aspects of the current advertising and have served as a basis for defining this new trend called Digitivity. Digitivity is a new trend in advertising and marketing, that every entrepreneur should keep in mind to better position their products in the market. It is a concept that increasingly sounds with more force in the advertising world and integrates three key aspects of the current advertising: the digital world, creativity and connectivity., which Ann Mack, Director global agency JWT, which definitely adds: Digitivity is defined by the interaction of the digital world, creativity and connectivity. It should be aware that teenagers are the ones use these novel forms of communication and new technologies. Why companies must study using the internet that your potential clients perform, and thus ensure the communicative success of the campaign. According to Ann Mack in the era of digitivity the ideas can come from anywhere.

No matter where you come from, these are shared and spread almost at the speed that are born. Based on this assertion, a consolidated presence of so-called social networks must exist to ensure the success of this type of campaign. Mack explained that with the emergence of networks of social on the web universe, everyone knows, network can be endless and therefore information is shared and passes all the time. Finally, the most interesting feature is the low cost of the use of networks for this type of campaign. This fact favors that all kinds of business can take ownership of these new concepts of marketing and gain a foothold in the market. Conclusions No cabe doubt, that thanks to the advancement of new technology, the scopes that generated computer science, its impact on the role of markets has given way to new tools that should be taken into account, whether he wants to take advantage and is valid when noted, that Digitivity is a concept that sounds strong in the advertising world and it is the convergence between the Digital World, creativity and connectivity. Since then, issues like these oblige schools of administration, especially to the specialty of markets to take it into account and train and train their specialists in pro’s know how to properly handle these tools, do not do so, the effects will be very negative. Original author and source of the article.

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