Cell Phones Spy

April 8th, 2013

Tracking and location of cell phones is not something new but if something that many unknown, through gps cell phones can already be traced back and find your exact on google maps location, i.e. we can know where a cell phone is located (and therefore a person) at all times from a computer. Tracking and location of mobile technology is already a reality and is available through Spy bubble. Spy bubble is a program capable of converting nearly any mobile on a cell phone spy with which you can track calls, messages and location of almost any cell phone in the world. The program is available in Spanish and once installed the software on the cell phone spy you can consult all the movements of cell phone spy from a computer.

The program to trace cellular spy bubble works through a technology of satellite tracking which sends the coordinates through Google Maps and you can locate the terminal tracked exactly through the map. Through a posting on the web site of spy bubble logs on to view the details of the location of the cell and their records of incoming, outgoing calls, time of the event and its duration. The same program can be used for multiple phones simultaneously without the risk of being detected since this software leaves no traces on the cell phone spy in to install. This software spy can be used in an unlimited number of phones, by which you can create hundreds of cell phones spy for different purposes (remember to make good use of the and thus avoid you problems). You can use the program in almost any model of cell phone, on the web of spy bubble find the compatible models and more details of its features.

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