Aluminum Radiators

November 15th, 2011

The advantages of aluminum products: casting a beautiful, light weight, high heat output, low inertia, the highest thermal power / cost. Available in two versions: cast (each section – one piece detail) and extrusion (each section consists of the elements of – the head, ribs and bottom parts, which are glued together). Most of the cast radiators, adapted to the Ukrainian conditions, are designed for working pressure of 16 – 20 atm (standard actually was 16 atm), while the extruded model claimed a margin of safety is an average of 10 to 40 atm. The design of extruded heat sinks can withstand relatively high pressure, but there and they have a potentially dangerous place – a connection of columns with collectors. The general opinion of experts, based on practice, cast model is preferable, if only because that return rates on them below.

Enough must carefully treat the presence of metal-antagonists in the heating system, because the presence of a galvanic couple "aluminum-steel" or "aluminum-copper" may cause galvanic corrosion devices. To reduce the risk should be used when installing a special plug-through – nickel, chrome or kadmirovannye. On the Ukrainian market of aluminum radiators are present in the main Italian companies: Fondital, Sira, Global, Faral, Royal Thermo, Ferrolil. Extruded aluminum heat sinks are made of plastic extruded aluminum alloy, and the upper and lower manifold – injection molding. The resulting parts are glued together a special adhesive.

The vast most of the European aluminum radiators are manufactured by injection molding, which helps secure the necessary strength for our systems and corrosion resistance. The largest manufacturers (Fondital, Global) only use this technology for radiators, supplied to Ukraine. There are also hybrid technology. Do radiators Alux Italian company Rovall, a member of the holding Sira Group, the collector immediately cast for two or three columns. At the same time obtained by blocking the radiator with a step of a two or three sections.


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