Adventure Activities In New Zealand Sport

October 11th, 2018

Paradise adventurer par excellence, New Zealand has much more to offer than beautiful scenery and relaxing. It is, in turn, the place where we can find more adrenaline per square meter than anywhere else in the world. No doubt, Queenstown, dubbed the world capital of adventure sports, lives up to its name with a vengeance. Various adventure activities that can be found in New Zealand may be typical of the country or in other well-spread. Regarding the more we know, consider New Zealand as a surfing paradise, since its costs, especially in the west, waves are very popular and will not disappoint any surf lover, especially those that we always practice in the Mediterranean ! What we call bungee jumping, called Bungee Jumping, is typical in New Zealand, and people pulled with ropes tied to their feet from a bridge over a river, but also from the top of the tower of Auckland, SkyTower to over 250 meters above the city. . For even more analysis, hear from Viacom. . Without words.

Skydiving, jumping from a plane, white water rafting (and black), kayaking, caving, diving. . . Are other activities that are already known in New Zealand can be found everywhere. Although the true grace in the activities is “local.” And if not, you tell me of Zorbing? Getting into a padded ball, tying it into it, and release to which you roll down a slope into endless. To take the first pap, of course. Other adventure activities? Well, we have the Fly By Wire, where one is mounted on a kind of flying machine with a turbine that is caught behind by a cable from a crane high. When the engine is turned on, this thing takes you on a breakneck speed and pendulum movement similar to the pirate ship.

Only this time you have the controls, and the feeling of flying is complete! For those who have enough even so, what is already the JetBoating final. Crawl through a river that flows through narrow cliffs about 90 km / h rubbing against riverbed and the rocks and doing pirouettes and spins 360 degrees. Not if it sounds enough, but I assure you it is. Not cheap, but you have to try it! Has to be concluded, the madness of the Kiwis and their love for nature to take advantage of creatividada and New Zealand has become one of the countries most likely to practice adventure sports, a place to watch a man go flying everywhere seems to be part of Loa “normal.” Dani Alonso is the founder and head of the agency’s low-cost, specialized in organizing trips to New Zealand at prices within reach of everyone.

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