A Glance At The IV International Congress Of The Spanish Language. (CILE )

June 28th, 2011

On March 29 ended in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, the IV International Congress of the Spanish Language (CILE). A meeting which attracted a very positive reaction was reflected in the huge crowds to the talks, discussions and workshops that filled the agenda and which revealed the importance and the challenges that face the future, has the Spanish language within social dynamics, cultural, economic and global society. There were many topics discussed in this call and many people who made their distinctive contribution: writers, musicians, academics and people of different political, and social, some well-known for us all, others less so. I will try to summarize the issues discussed and the views and proposals relevant, at the close of the event and still digesting and implementing many of them open a negligible range of content and projects … One issue that seems to have been reflected in many of the meetings and it is necessary out as widely discussed was the role of Spanish in the field of world trade, was particularly interested in the advantage, not at all exploited, that language means for all Hispanic-speaking countries of America and its possible use as a vehicle for integration and facilitation as a common bond of any trade agreement, both private and national levels. In this conception noteworthy is the implementation of Brazil’s plan to become a bilingual country to incorporate the Spanish as a second official language of the nation.

This idea is not new, because in 2005 President Da Silva signed a decree to that effect and since then has been working on achieving the goal of “reaching” for the year 2012 to about 9 million children and Brazilian youth who will study Spanish as a second language within the educational system of the giant South This, in my view, demonstrates a clear vision of what lies ahead for the short term future and a clear interpretation of verifiable realities today and support me as discussed in the CILE: according to data discussed at the meeting, and there are 14 millions of people who study Spanish as a second language in the world, recalling also that Spanish is the fourth language most used Internet after English, Chinese and Hindi, (needs to be done except that of these only four English and Spanish are languages of communication between different countries, while Chinese and Hindi languages are native); These figures imply an increase of almost 10% worldwide in the last eight years, which in terms of population dynamics is not negligible and less negligible even if one takes into account the signing of several free trade agreements between the U.S.


Google’s Android Phone Making Waves

June 6th, 2011

Google launched the Android last Friday Phone Dev 1, an open source G1 phone and will allow developers to test new applications. The phone will be available for $ 399, plus U.S. $ 25 to register as an Android developer in the Android web site, raising the price to $ 424. Sober-looking, open the G1 looks fairly polished with a new dark steel gray, and a design on the back. The phone is available in the U.S., UK, Germany, Japan, India, Canada, France, Taiwan, Spain, Australia, Singapore, Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Poland and Hungary. For now, developers can get only one phone per account. The phone dials a distance of Google’s first smartphone, the first G1 running on the T-Mobile, and was not open.

It expects sales of G1 peeling and possibly reach one million sales the G1 phone before 1 January. While the iPhone It took 74 days to sell the first million, the G1 would be placed very close to the iPhone’s initial pace, reaching the million mark for 99 days. This opens a good overview for developers who could conceivably have a larger user base to the base of users who have the Apple developers. Google warns that non-developers to buy the unlocked phone for personal use may experience some inconveniences. States, “Since devices can be configured with the system software not provided or not supported by Google or any other company, end users operate these devices at your own risk.”


Phones for Everything

June 4th, 2011

I know nothing about this girl but I can see it through this system. the little that we talked about how much I’ve told her, but I can assure you and I and my daughter .- “They think they can coming three to the wedding? Get off work and Bob Cleve anxiously asked Mabel. The four spoke almost simultaneously through the Messenger, so you sometimes had to repeat the question because the voices were mixed, and no one understood anything. “We will ask tomorrow at work,” she had replied Cleve. “They talked to Bob? -” No, still could not do it. Was not connected and as you saw if they were, the first call. When we finish, I’ll call by phone .- “They want to be helping in the preparations? A month seems to me quite some time to do all that is needed.

“There will be preparations for Kelly,” replied Mabel. “I’ve talked to my brothers and can not travel. The trip is too expensive, and is totally out of reach. Nor is ours, but we would be happy. There will only be a simple ceremony. And then go eight for lunch. Prepare this does not take me long, but thanks for the offer, “he said gently.

“Eight?, Kelly asked in amazement. Who else will? – “We have not yet named, but I guess John and his wife accepted our invitation. They’ve been so good to us when we went to visit him. We showed so much affection, I guess I will not mind coming.



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